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How to File for an Increase in Your Veterans Disability Rating

How to File for an Increase in Your Veterans Disability Rating

veteran a rating and that determines whether or not they are eligible to receive disability benefits through the VA.

Sometimes the disability of the veteran gets worse and the rating that the VA gave will need to be changed. A changed VA disability rating could be the difference between receiving benefits and not receiving benefits.

If you feel that your VA disability rating should be increased, here’s a look at what you will need to do.

Complete the VA Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim

This is a VA form that allows you to file for an increase in your VA disability rating. You will need to fill out the entire paper as well as provide supporting information. Information that the VA requires includes doctor’s letters requiring your disability as well as a letter from you outlining your disability, how it’s gotten worse, and how it effects your day to day living. This information along with the completed VA form is required to apply for an increase in disability rating.

Mail the Information to the VA Regional Office

You will need to submit the completed VA form and all supporting documents to the VA Regional Office. Every region has a local VA office and you will want to submit this information to the one that is closest to you to ensure a speedy application process.

After you have completed these steps you will receive a letter from the VA outlining whether your veterans disability rating has been increased and if you are now eligible to receive benefits.

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